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DIY: Little Girl Witch Costume for Halloween

I made this cloak to go with my daughters witch costume for halloween. Click here to see Meg's Red Ridding Hood Cloak Tutorial. It really made this witch costume complete!

I got her witch hat from Roberts Crafts and I got the witch dress from a friend.

No witch is complete without some crazy striped socks - thanks Walmart. 




Little Girl Cat Costume for Halloween

I used Meg's easy Black Cat Costume Tutorial to make this adorable kitty tail. I'm so happy with how it turned out! It's a simple, easy, quick, cheap, and cute costume. Thanks Meg, and happy Halloween everyone!



Steph's Big Announcement

That's right guys, I'm pregnant! And.... Meg and I are due just days apart! Looks like these Divas know how to make things other than crafts. :)