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Picnic Day

It's been about 5 weeks since I had my little baby, and we needed to get out of the house and catch some sun and fresh air. Having a newborn plus 3 bigger kids means you can't leave the house without all the necessities, and it can be a daunting task just to get out the door. But hey, I was able to fit all of our sack lunches in my diaper bag along with the babies essentials and my essentials!  Finally, getting out of the house for a picnic at the park isn't so hard!



DIY Round Restoration Hardware Table and Gray Wash Stain

I had been eying the Restoration Hardware round farmhouse table for some time, but not the price tag. I knew I could have my engineer hubby build me one just like it for a fraction of the price. 

There are many farmhouse table tutorials out there, so I won't go through every single step on how to make this, BUT I will tell you what we did to make the round shape of the table, how to make every board line up perfectly with the board next to it, and how to make your own Restoration Hardware gray washed stain.

The chairs are the Remy Side Chairs in Burnished Steel from Restoration Hardware.

We didn't buy our wood from Home Depot or any regular home repair store like that. We drove to SLC to a place called MacBeath's where we were able to select pretty much any type of wood we wanted.  We chose to use pine.  The boards were 2" thick and anywhere between 7" and 9" wide.  We wanted a 60" diameter table, so before we went to Macbeath's, Engineer Hubby drew the table top to scale and estimated the number/length of boards needed.

We had Macbeath's run the pine through a planer and jointer so all sides of the boards were smooth and straight. This was crucial to getting the boards to line up perfectly while we built the table. It makes it so much easier if you don't skip this step!  Here are our boards before they went through the planer.

We joined and glued the boards together using #20 biscuits and wood glue.  This picture shows a few of the biscuits in place in the edge of a table top board.  We generally spaced our biscuits between 12" and 18" on center with a smaller spacing for the outside boards that are not supported by the base.

This is how we cut the round shape of the table.  Using a screw at the center of the table as a pivot and a router mounted to a pivot arm (a scrap piece of particle board) we made a rough cut circle in two passes.

 After cutting through half the thickness of the wood with the first pass, we flipped the table top over and cut through the remainder with the second pass. This left us with a fairly rough edge but we were able to clean it up quickly with a belt sander.

On to the beautiful base of the table. My husband is just super handy, so there is no way I can explain this step, however there are many tutorials online for table bases. You need only search.

To get the perfect gray washed stain that you see from Restoration Hardware, simply mix 50% Minwax Provincial with 50% Minwax Weathered Oak.  We only did 1 coat of stain and then sprayed on three coats of water based polyurethane.  Also, before staining, we used a wood conditioner.

Close ups on the true color of the table.

We actually stained our floor with Minwax Provincial, so in this picture it's easy to see the difference the mixture makes when Minwax Provincial is combined with Minwax Weathered Gray.

So what do you guys think? We all love it over here!



Lily Jade Elizabeth in Brandy Diaper Bag

My new Lily Jade diaper bag arrived today!!! I have been nesting like crazy since my due date is quickly approaching, and getting a quality diaper bag was the last thing I needed to check off my to-do list. This will be my 4th baby, so I needed a bag that was durable and that could carry all my mommy gear.

The bag I choose was the Elizabeth in Brandy with Gold Hardware. It's a diaper bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag, thank the heavens above! 

This bag has pockets for everything you could ever need as a mommy, but one of my favorite things about this bag is that it can be worn as a backpack. I'm talking hands free purse holding - it's a dream come true!

 Now all that's left is for baby boy to arrive!