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How Bloggers Easily Work With Brands - Izea

This post brought to you by IZEA. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Do It Yourself Divas.
  Friends!!  We are so excited to share with you some exciting news from our pals at IZEA .  
We have worked with IZEA for a few wonderful years now.  What is IZEA you might ask?  IZEA provides bloggers, Viners, Instagrammers, YouTubers and other online personalities the ability to monetize their online influence.  We have had some really incredible opportunities with IZEA, and have loved working with them.
  Now IZEA has asked us to spread the word about their brand new IZEA iOS application. If you have an iPhone you can use IZEA anywhere.  You can now access IZEA on a boat, at a concert, shopping, at the library, out with the family etc.  The possibilities are endless!  So much convenience comes with this new app.   
Now it's time to let you, our friends, take a peek at this wonderful new app.  
Here is the Dashboard of the NEW IZEA App.  It is so incredibly easy to use.
The IZEA app allows you to browse, bid and negotiate on opportunities. You can create content and cash out all from your iPhone.  Now you can Vine, Tweet, and submit an Instagram photo all through the app!  We seriously are so excited about how easy using this new app is.  
{Examples of Opportunities}
Here is a view of the screen where you can enter and bid on the amount of a given opportunity.
No matter where you are, or how full your arms are, this app is now wonderfully accessible and at your fingertips.  
Remember, you can use this app ANYWHERE!  I think that is our favorite thing about this new IZEA app. 
As busy mommy bloggers we are grateful for this new app.  Having the convenience of being able to use and manage our IZEA accounts where ever we may be gives us more time with what matters most. 
If you are a blogger, Instagrammer, Youtuber, or Vinner you just have to check out this new incredible app from our friends at IZEA!
Thanks for stopping by!
-Meg and Steph
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Brown and Pink for Valentines Day

A little leopard print and brown leather never hurt a little pink dress. Would you guess that this purse is actually a diaper bag? Amazing, I know! I'm getting all dressed up, kissing my babies goodnight, and heading out with the hubs for a night out this Valentines Day, "diaper bag" in hand. 

Dress in Similar color or Similar Here, Diaper Bag, Flowers from Costco. Shoes


DIY: Valentines Quilt

Hello! We are so glad you are here. We can't wait to show you how to make this adorable Valentines Day quilt!

I love to pull out this quilt every February to make our home feel more lovely. You can make a quilt very similar to this by following the directions below.  

Keep in mind, I made this pattern myself. I cut a bunch of 5x5 squares, laid them out in a pleasing pattern and sewed them together. First sew the blocks together for each row and then sew the rows together to create the quilt top. You can make this whatever size you want. I kept mine small so
I could actually quilt it on my sewing machine.

On all sides of each square there are flower petal shaped applique. You don't need to make petals for the edge of the quilt because you will bind it. The size of your petal depends on the height of your block. When I sewed my quilt together, my blocks then became 4 inches tall because of the seam allowance. I cut my petals to be 4 inches tall and I think they were an inch or two wide at the center. Do what you think looks good and start cutting away!

Once your petals are all cut out, you can pin them onto the quilt making sure that the points of the petals meet up with all the other petals. In other words, all points meet together forming an X or a plus. Mine overlapped a bit. Then I set it up on the quilting frame with a back piece of fabric and some batting in the middle. Every night, for about a week, I quilted it together by hand. I went around every single petal. When that was finally finished, I binded the edges by hand, but you can can more easily do that on a sewing machine.

In the end I sewed down the middle of each petal with my sewing machine so everything was extra secure.

This pretty quilt is perfect for snuggling up with the one you love. Happy Valentine's Day!