DIY: Little Girl Lace Mummy Halloween Costume

 Boo! This cute little mummy is after you!
This simple and easy DIY mummy costume will make you wonder if you should say awe or ahhhh

I made this costume in just 15 minutes. She is wearing white leggings, a white shirt, and white socks. I tied white lace, strips of white muslin, and strips of an old white lacy curtain around her body, neck, and hair. I painted her face white, put dark purple eye shadow around her eyes, and added mascara. All done!

Happy Halloween! {Almost}



DIY Refinishing Baby Doll Cradle and Child Rocking Chair

Last Christmas I painted, Santa painted, this darling baby doll cradle and small rocking chair for miss Clara, my now three year old.  I am finally getting around to posting it...  nearly a year later.

I simply...







Sooo incredibly easy on such small furniture compared to some other big jobs I have done!

TA DA.....

 Isn't she the cutest little mommy!?!


DIY Divas ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Meg and I once knew a Doctor who oversaw some of our prenatal care during our first pregnancies. This Doctor suffered from ALS and I remember on the last visit I had with him, he rolled himself into my room on an office chair because he was having such difficulty walking and he wore a neck brace. These were signs of his illness quickly taking over. He didn't live much longer after that day.  This Ice Bucket Challenge is for Doctor Gordon, who helped bring so many lives into the world, and who was taken from the world too soon.