DIY Maxi Skirt Repurpose - Girls Nightgown

I just have too many maxi skirt around my house, and my girls are in need of some nightgowns for the summer. So why not turn my maxi skirts into nightgowns for the girls? They like to think of them more as play dresses because they can make these dresses catch some serious air when they twirl and spin. This project is so stinking easy, you just might want to shout hallelujah! Oh, and if you want to make a maxi skirt, I have a tutorial for that. Like the wire hair wrap my daughter is wearing? I have a tutorial for that too. Now lets get started!

Lay out the skirt and measure down 3" and cut about 1.5" -2" in toward the center of the skirt.

Knit fabric doesn't really fray, so you could leave it at that, or turn the dress inside out, fold back the raw edges, pin in place, and sew around.

THAT'S IT! Fit for a princess!

This skirt catches the most air when she spins. So awesome.



DIY Wire Headband - Wire Hair Bow


I was at the park the other day and ran into a friend. Her daughter was wearing the most adorable bow in her hair and I just had to see it up close. Turns out it was a wire hair bow that you just twist around the hair. So simple, genius, and cute. You can make either a headband or a small wrap to go around your hair elastics. Here is my take on it.


 Measure your child's head (or your head, because you know you want one too). My 3 year old measured to be 18". Add 8 inches to that number - that makes hers to be 26". Cut the fabric 4" wide x the number (26) you got. So, 4" x 26" in my case.

Fold it in half hot dog style, start at one end on the fold, and sew diagonally about 1.5" down. When you get to the edge, sew down the side. I always sew at the edge of the presser foot.

Now we will create a small gap so we can insert the wire through later. So, as you are sewing down the side and you get about 1/4 of the way down, backstitch and forward stitch a few times, lift up the presser foot, and move down the fabric about 1/5" and continue sewing again. Don't forget to backstitch to keep it secure. When you get close to the end (approximately 1.5" away from the end), turn and sew diagonally, just the way you did at the top.

Cut off the two triangle pieces on each end.

Trim away any excess threads, especially where the "gap" is.

Turn it right-side out and iron it flat. Make sure the "gap" area looks good and hidden.

Get some wire, cut it the same length as the fabric piece and curl in the poky edges with a pair of needle nose pliers. 

Inset the wire like so.

Hair Tie

For the smaller wire hair tie, just do everything exactly the same as the headband, except make the fabric rectangle 4" x 12".

Happy sewing!



DIY End of Driveway Fence

Here's one way to keep your kids a little safer this summer. You could buy an end of driveway fence for around $100, or you could make a driveway fence for about $20.  This is an incredibly easy DIY that will give you peace of mind that bikes, balls, and kids will most likely stay out of the street. Of course I'm still out there watching like a hawk, but you get the idea. It's easy to put up and easy to take down, so why not have a one around for added peace of mind.

 You need:
1 roll of 3' tall fencing (Home Depot)
1 - 10' length of 3/4" conduit (cut down to size- cut it in half)
1 - 10' length of 3/4" class 200 PVC pipe (cut down to size- cut into 4 pieces. Two @ 2' and Two @ 3')
2 - 3/4" PVC caps
2 - 3/4" PVC pressure slip/ threaded adapter
2 - 3/4" PVC threaded plugs
Approximately 8 zip ties

The 2' length of PVC goes into the ground on both sides of the driveway.  

 Insert the conduit into the PVC pipe in the ground, slip the 3' piece of PVC pipe over the conduit, and cap the top. Repeat on other side. Stretch the fencing across to the desired length and fasten with zip ties. 

When you want to remove the fence, just pull it out and cap off the PVC pipe.
That's it!