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DIY Tombstones with the Queen of Halloween - Susie Butler

Susie Butler, who I now call the Queen of Halloween, designs and makes incredible tombstones for Halloween. She doesn't just stop at tombstones, she goes all out! Susie has the spookiest house I have ever stepped foot in, and she made almost everything you see. She is a true DIY Diva! If you want more information about Susie's incredible DIY skills, you can contact her through her facebook page. Now, let's start with her front yard.

Can you even believe she made these??? Incredible I tell you!

Now onto her front entry...

Her dining table...

Other rooms, and this is only scratching the surface. There's so much more that I'm not showing you!

Susie has some serious talent you guys. If you like her stuff, go like her facebook page and show her your support! Thank you Susie for being a guest on our blog!!


The Kelvin 23 Review

Now that is what I am talking about!
This little Kelvin 23 is revolutionary.  It is the swiss ary knifes of tools! Twenty three tools, all in one cute pink contraption.

So put that toolbox away.  Pack it up.  Go to and buy your own.  We love the pink, but there is a black one as well!  

My favorite tools are the little measuring tape and the hidden flash light so far.  The variety of screw driver heads in insane!  It really is that handiest little tool.   Too convienent for words.  

It has worked perfectly for me as I prepare to add a door with hinges to my daughter's future dollhouse.  (Found this dollhouse online for $10!!!!!!  Santa has his work cut our for him, but I am sure that the Kelvin 23 will come to the rescue!)

Progress pics to come!

-The Divas


DIY: How to Make Large Canvas Prints for Less

I made all of these for so much less than you would expect! One 16x20 canvas print cost me about $10! These are not as perfect as real canvas photos, but if you compare prices, these are great for your dollar. Finally, I was able to print these photos and get them on my walls without spending hundreds of dollars! 

-Print a large 16x20 photo from Costco for $5.99. Go to Hobby Lobby and get a 2 set pack of 16x20 stretched canvas for $7.99. Use a 40% off coupon on top of that. That's about $10 total! An 11x14 print costs $2.99 and a pack of 11x14 stretched canvas costs $5.99. Use a 40% off coupon and that's a cheap canvas print.

-Mod Podge the photo onto the canvas. Yes, I used my DIY Mod Podge because I read the labels of the real Mod Podge, and it said nowhere that it was photo safe. With prints so cheap, I plan on switching them out later anyway, so if this Mod Podge damages the photos years down the road, I won't be crying over it. I Mod Podged the back of each photo to the canvas, and then brushed the front of each photo with Mod Podge in downward strokes, and then horizontal strokes to create a canvas look when the glue dries. This Mod Podge has a matte finish.

Thanks to my neighbor Michelle for the inspiration and help to get this project done!