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Photo Credit Photography By Jess

Welcome to our blog! We are the DIY Divas, Megan and Stephanie.  We are sisters who each love being mothers, drinkers of Dr. Pepper, and mega DIY-ers.  We "mostly" grew up in Utah but we also lived in Texas, Virginia, and Thailand during our younger years.  We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  

Get to know us a little better...

Photo credit Photography By Jess

Stephanie - The Blonde 

-Utah Photographer - Website Here
-Married to her sweet Engineer Hubby
-Has two beautiful daughters and one handsome son who keep her busy and who bring her more happiness than she ever thought possible.
-Enjoys creating and figuring out ways to save money so she can buy more clothes. 
-If she had her way, her hubby would never have to go to work and they would just create things together for a living. They are quite a team.

See Steph's family photos.

Megan - The Red Head

-Married to a hard working healthcare businessman.
-Has one handsome little dude and one pretty little girl
-Has some mad skills when it comes to cutting awesome shapes out of paper. No kidding! I (Stephanie) like to call her Megan scissor hands :)
-Loves celebrating holidays and birthdays like you wouldn't believe.  If only you could see how excited she gets! You can only imagine how she decorates and plans activities for these events.
-Can bend in half in Yoga class