How To Install Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in Basement - TIME-LAPSE

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It was time to rip out the old carpet in the basement. We decided to go with Vinyl Rigid Core Plank Flooring in the color Playa. This luxury vinyl flooring is water proof which is great for basements in case of flooding. We also set our baseboards up higher a little bit in case of water. Our basement is not prone to flooding, but it has flooded before - once when the water heater broke, and once when our dog chewed a sprinkler and all the water spilled into a window well. Homeownership can sometime be a nightmare, and LIFE HAPPENS.

So if you want to see how we installed our beautiful and functional new vinyl flooring (while keeping our old baseboards), watch the video below! Don't forget to support us by subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

We show you how we removed baseboards and reused them,

how to cut the vinyl plank board to fit it around a closet casing.

 We show how we put the trim back on leaving a small gap in case of future water damage.

We finished the "cut edge" with a piece of metal trim,

and then we put the rooms back together.

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