DIY Pergola: Featuring Humboldt Redwood

3:27 PM

At long last, the much anticipated Redwood Pergola, featuring Humboldt Redwood is finished.  To check out our first post on this project click HERE!  The weather here in Utah has been nice and wet, which is perfect for May flowers, but tough for Pergola building.  But we persevered, and the results are incredible.  This gorgeous DIY Pergola, will no doubt stand the test of time.

CLICK HERE to start designing your own pergola! 

If you want to see a the time-lapse video over on our youtube channel, click below!

It's amazing to think that the above Pergola, made from this beautiful and sustainable redwood, started out like this.  It's all about the #RedwoodDIY.

There was a lot of work that went into this project, from designing the pergola to fit my brother's patio perfectly on the Humboldt website, to making the cuts, sanding and finally getting everything up. 

But the results, speak volumes. I think my brother would agree that it was well worth the incredible amount of work it took to create. 

Redwood's rich, warm color and beauty creates this breathtaking first impression.  My brother's backyard certainly has got that wow factor, now.  Along with that wow factor, this charming pergola blends in beautifully into the landscape creating a peaceful and natural outdoor living space.

I think I know where we should celebrate Memorial Day this year.  Time to fire up the grill under this beauty.

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*  This post is brought to you by Humboldt Redwood and The Motherhood. All opinions are our own.

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