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Do It Yourself Divas is a personal blog devoted to everything DIY, from crafts, wood work, recipes, sewing tutorials, lifestyle, and money saving ideas. People from all over the world visit our blog on a daily basis for inspiration. We love to work with other blogger and brands, so please don't hesitate to contact us! We are just a click away at


During the month of February 2014, we had over 620,000 page views. 

Facebook Followers as of March 2014 - 12,094

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Oh hey, yesterday we had 180,000 page views

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We love to do product reviews! Send us an email and we can talk about it.

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A guest post allows you to write an article, share an idea, and spread the word about YOU to all our followers. You must include at least 1 image. The article must be relevant to our blog. Your image will cycle through on our sidebar for 1 week, being seen by thousands of people everyday. We will share your post through our social media once. It costs $20 - contact us through email if you are interested. 

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