DIY Modern Clock Video Tutorial - Cut A Circle From MDF Board/Wood

10:15 AM

Today we took a simple piece of MDF, cut it into a large circle, and created this beautiful DIY Modern Clock. We partnered with Ace and used their high quality, gorgeous paint to give our clock a stunning look. Watch our VIDEO below to see how we cut a circle out of a piece of MDF board/wood and made this clock!

  • MDF board - Ours was 1/2" thick and 2' x 2' to begin with.
  • Clock Mechanism - Ours was designed for up to a 40" clock.
  • Clock Hands - Search the internet and find a style you love.
  • Paint + Primer in One - Clark + Kensington from Ace is extremely high quality. It's very thick and durable. Our color is called Charcoal Pencil 34A-5 and it's drop dead gorgeous!
  • Compass - We created our own by finding the center of the board, screwing in a screw right in the middle, tying string around the screw, and connecting the other end of the string to a pencil.
  • Reciprocating Saw - There are many ways you can cut a circle out of wood or MDF, and we chose to use a reciprocating saw by following our pencil markings.
  • Orbital Sander - to smooth out the edges
  • Wall Mounting Hardware - Find a sturdy hook so you can hang this beauty up.
  • Needle Nose Pliers and Open End Wrench - These tools came in handy when putting the clock hands on.

Before You Go To The Store:
I love shopping online to save time, and Ace has made paint shopping online so easy and informative. The Paint Studio is a one stop shop for paint inspiration, helpful video tutorials, and tools to narrow down your color! You can even upload a photo of your room and "try on" different colors. If you're like me and get stuck choosing the perfect color, you'll want to check out this site before you go to the store.

Isn't this color just beautiful? It's called Charcoal Pencil 34A-5 if you missed it. I love how it looks with the gold clock hands. This Clark + Kensington paint is exclusive to Ace Hardware. Not only is the color perfect, but this particular paint is very durable, stain resistant, easy to wash, and goes on smooth.

Here's a tip you may not know about Ace. If you forget something at the store, you can call them up, order it over the phone, and they will deliver it to your door with no delivery fee! Isn't that incredible? I can't tell you how many times I've gone to the store, went home, started the project, and realized I needed something else and had to run back to the store. Ace really goes the extra mile to make their customers happy.

Something else I really love about Ace is that it's smaller than other retailers. There is a home town feel with their friendly and knowledgeable employees, and the store is easy to navigate which saves the shopper a lot of time. We have simply loved working with Ace on this project and we can't recommend them enough. Find a store near you, roll up your sleeves, and create!

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