DIY: Styling a Foyer Table

3:14 PM

You wouldn't know it now, but behind this foyer table and home decor are two unsightly outlets, a massive vent, and a light switch. I had to style this sofa / wall table to hide those unsightly things while still keeping them functional.  I thought through how to cover them as beautifully as I could and this is how I did it. {Links to everything are at the bottom of the post.}

The light switch is covered by a beautiful flower arrangement still leaving plenty of room to flip it on and off. 

This foyer / entry table has a lower shelf (that was key to hiding the vent), so I put two big baskets on it. The huge vent is now covered without restricting airflow. The baskets also covered two electrical outlets - now that's killing two birds with one stone! I wanted the items on the table to be useful, so I stored blankets and pillows in the baskets for movie nights.

 You would never know that anything was behind the beauty! This is the perfect wall table you guys. There are even two drawers, and that's where we store our favorite board games and magazines. I just love it when beauty and functionality come together. 

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  1. Can you tell me what the paint color?

  2. Oh my...I'm sorry. The wall color?

    1. Oh, we actually moved into the house and it already was painted this color, so I don't know the name. It is a light cream color with a slight pink undertone which warms up the room a bit. Hope that helps!