Minted GIVEAWAY and a Little Peak into Meg's house

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It's Giveaway time from our friends at Minted.  You could win $250 worth of art from!!  Just click on the link at the bottom of the post below.  It's just that easy.

  But first a word or two or more from, me, Megan.

Emily Jeffords has been a favorite artist of mine since I discovered her work a couple years ago.  Her oil paintings bring a sense of peace and beauty to any space they are put in.  They really seem to speak to me.

While browsing through, an online marketplace that connects you with artists from all over the world, I was beyond thrilled when I found a number of Emily Jeffords gorgeous pieces of artwork available to purchase.  My heart literally skipped a beat.

I wanted to bring this sense of peace, space, openness and beauty into my master bedroom.  I had a huge empty wall, that was begging to have life breathed into it.

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With the help of Miss Jeffords and Minted my dreams came true and my bedroom wall is alive with one of my favorite artist's masterpieces.

From Left to Right

With the help of Minted I discovered a few new artists that I am now completely in love with.  Minted makes it incredibly easy to browse through gorgeous artwork with filters that fit your style and taste.  These filters led me to the discovery of the paintings below.  In my eyes, they are breathtakingly beautiful.  

From Top to Bottom
{Confetti  |  Bird}

I love the frames that my artwork is displayed in.  These were also found on the Minted website.  There are 15 different frames that you can choose from.   When you have found a piece of art that you love, you can rotate through the different frames to see which you like most.  I love that you can see exactly what your art will look like, even framed.  This feature is a handy one.

And now for some DIY.  Here is my easy, fool proof way to hang framed art.

1.  Lay art on the floor and arrange how you would like it to be placed on the wall.

2.  Cut paper out that is the exact same size as your art work.  (I use wrapping paper.)

3.  Measure approximately 60' from where the center of the art will be to the floor.  Tape paper to the wall.  Use a measuring tape and leveler.

4.  Nail the paper to the wall exactly how you would want the art to be hung.

5.  Rip the paper off, leaving only the nail.

6.  Hang Your art.

Easy as that!  Now it's your turn to hang some art!

  It's Giveaway time.  One of our lucky readers will have the chance to win $250 worth of art!

Click HERE for your chance to win your very own art from Minted!  Happy Holidays from us to you!


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  1. I am curious to know where you found the headboard and bed frame. I love it!

    1. I got my bed frame at Beds and More Wholesale. Here is a link to their w website!!

      I love love love it!