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Is it possible to be a minimalist with a newborn baby? Sure it is - or at least to some degree! When I had my first baby, I was filled to the roof with baby girl clothes. I noticed that I only dressed her in a few of my favorites, and just rotated through them. I was doing a lot of laundry anyway because of blowouts and leaks, which is pretty inevitable with a newborn. Now, with baby number four, I made a deliberate choice to have less - but that doesn't mean he is dressed poorly. Here are some ideas if you choose to live with less :)

Tip 1:

He has 4 "outfits"

Tip 2:

Tip 3:

Tip 4:
This is a tiny bit not real... I do have a few "extra" onsies in various places such as my diaper bag and car for emergencies. If you always dress your baby with a onsie underneath clothing, then you will need more.

Tip 6: Mix up what you have.
 The possibilities are almost endless!

Tip 7:
Sometimes we just get up and go and he wears his pajamas until a leak happens or milk spills. Sometimes he sleeps in a onsie and pants and then I swaddle him in a blanket.

Tip 8: I do laundry twice a week. Sometimes I can stretch it to once a week, and I still feel like I have plenty of clothing for him.

Tip 9: Only buy clothes you LOVE! That way you don't get sick of seeing your baby dressed in them often, and you feel like your baby is dressed well. My little man always gets compliments on his clothing. 

Tip 10: As far as shoes go, he only wears his moccs. 

What do you guys think? Is this something you could do?

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