DIY Ghost Costume

2:00 AM

DIY Ghost Costume

Clara wanted to be a ghost since Halloween ended last year, as in October 31, 2013.  She talked about it all year long.  Thank heavens for 365 days to plan out how I would make all of her Halloween dreams come true.

I simply made the cloak out of a very transparent curtain from Ikea, and some tulle.  

The cloak I made was fashioned off of the cloak I made her for her Little Red Riding Hood costume from a Halloween past.

Check out the Tutorial for said cloak HERE.

I simply made a cloak from the curtain and a cloak out of tulle and sewed them together where the hood and the cape meet.

I certainly added more length to this cloak to give the ghost-like appearance.

I was beyond thrilled with how darling it came out in the end.

-Happy Halloween and Happy Costume Creating!


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