Party Time!

8:15 PM

We had an exciting party recently! My first born turned 4 years old, and boy does she like to party! 

During the day we made several party hats for our guests. The girls' hats were topped with cute little spirals while the boy hats stayed very ordinary.

Rather than using bows to top the presents, I made a few puffy flowers from tissue paper instead.

From the ceiling I hung a balloon chandelier.

This princess was beyond thrilled!

Later on in the party, she actually turned into my little princess! Thanks Mima and Papa! It was a wonderful day.

This was the first "project" I have worked on since becoming pregnant with our third baby. It wiped me out for two solid days, so I need to take it easy until this morning sickness (all day sickness) goes away. On a side note, my engineer hubby is at work redoing part of my parents deck. The wood was all rotten and ready to collapse at any moment, so it had to go. It is quite the project!


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  1. What beautiful results! I am planning a party for my oldest boy (turning 5) who wants a space theme. I'm pretty stumped. Do you know of any places to look for inspiration with kids parties?

  2. these beautiful moments are the most precious in life <3