DIY: Semi-Circle American Flag

10:57 AM

In light of the upcoming American holiday I found it fitting to create a little patriotic decor for my home.  I love my country and am truly proud and grateful to be an American.  What a beautiful country it is!

This was a simple project that I just kinda figured out as I went.  I have always loved the semi-cirlce flags that I see at this time of year.  They are so timeless.

I bought 2 yards of each color of fabric.  (This was more than enough)

I cut the fabric into wide strips and pieced it together to make it even longer.

I then sewed a basting stich and ruffled each piece up.

I did make sure that each layer was shorter going up.  I just eye-balled it. (Ex.  I used all 2 yards of fabric for the very bottom ruffle, and just a few inches less of that for the blue layer and so forth...)

Finally I sewed it all together connecting right sides together.  I started by sewing the smallest strip onto a small red semi-circle and went down from there.

You could even stop here... I love the plain red, white, and blue as is too!
You could even take the time to tea stain the white fabric!  That would look AWESOME... maybe I will do that next year!

TA DA!  That was it.  It was incredibly simple to make and took no time at all.  I completed it from stat to finish during my kiddos' naps.

Just because he is dang cute sitting there... I couldn't resist. 
Such a good man to hang this pretty flag for me!

Happy Fourth of July!  I hope that your upcoming holiday is simply wonderful!

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