DIY: Painting Picture Frames

8:27 PM

As part of revamping my little cottage house I have been wanting to put up pictures. I have been searching design websites and blogs for framing ideas, when I came across this....and this....
I had vision then and there!

Steph and I went to our local thrift store and found some awesome old picture frames. We bought a variety. Some with intricate designs some plain. Some were wooden, some plastic and some metal. We didn't spend more than $1.50 per frame!! The price of this thrift store project is the best part!

We brought our frames home and took the backs off and the glass off for a proper cleaning. Steph had a ton of a creamy white paint left over so we decided to use that. After getting our aprons on and priming the picture frames we got to painting.

We loved how the metal and plastic frames were turning out. They looked very vintage and old, just the way we wanted them to turn out. On the other hand we noticed that many of the wooden frames looked dreadful! Some of the darker stained frames were bleeding through the paint making it impossible to cover up no matter the number of coats we applied.
Despite the fun we had crafting away, we were a bit discouraged until Steph had the ingenious idea of using spray paint primer and paint to fix our now very ugly frames. I ran to the local Walmart and bought some spray paint for about 3 bucks a can.

We then primed those bad boys...
Waited about 15 mins and painted them...
They turned out AWESOME!!! I am so excited to show you the end result of this project!! Steph and I both are going to have a fabulous wall of white framed photos by this very Tuesday!

To be continued....




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