DIY: Anthropologie Inspired Shower Curtain made from Sheets

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DIY: Anthropologie Inspired Shower Curtain made from Sheets

Remember the time that I said I wanted this very same white shower curtain in my bathroom... I know it was about 100 years ago that I mentioned it. Well, I finally have the tutorial done and the shower curtain completed!

All you need for this project are a few white sheets and a lot, I mean A LOT of patience! I went to my local thrift store (which I love with all my heart), and bought about 3 or 4 flat sheets at about $2 a piece. The grand total of this project... $6-$7!!! SERIOUSLY!

Look below for an example of how much I saved!

Retail:$118 at Anthropolgie!
Thrifted Sheets: $6-$7
Total savings: $112 (plus tax)

Pretty Awesome if you ask me!
**Don't be afraid of thrifted sheets. I mainly looked for twins and washed them like it was nobody's business. ;)

OK, here is how it is done

First I measured one large flat sheet to the exact size of an old shower curtain I had lying around. Cut and hem all the edges to match.

Next I took the other sheets that had and measure them 13in x the width doubled (this allows for plentiful ruffles) of the flat sheet that I measured to the shower curtain. Each strip I made, I had to sew on an attachment to make it long enough. Once your shower curtain is finished you can't even see that seam because of all the ruffles.

After cutting each strip I hemed all sides of the strip for nice finished edges.
(THIS TOOK FOREVER!!!! This is for sure where the need for patience and a nice TALL drink of Dr. Pepper came in handy.)

Then I took the strips and used a basting stitch to gather the fabric and create ruffles.

I then began the process of sewing the newly gathered and hemmed strips to the flat sheet that was measured to my shower curtain.

It is key to sew each strip one at a time, and to pin the heck out of it so that it matches up just right.
After I had sewed all the gathered and hemmed strips to the flat sheet I took the top finished edge of the flat sheet and folded, pinned, and sewed it into place to cover the raw edge of the top gather.

Finally I added button holes to the top of the almost completed shower curtain and hung it up.
It isn't perfect by any means... and there are few things that I for surely need to fix, but for $6 it turned out pretty dang great... don't you think?

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  1. Oh my! I've been sewing so many things with ruffles with this baby girl on the way that I'm all ruffled out. I have grown to truly appreciate the skills of those who can sew a ruffle and this looks like one major project! Do you have a sewing machine that does the basting stitch for you or did you do it by hand? I did all mine by hand...maybe that was my problem. Well done!

  2. We need to hang out. I want to craft like you! You're a pro!

  3. Holy cow. This is the best DIY project I've ever seen. Thank you!

  4. to make a basting stitch just loosen the stitch tension and use the longest stitch length.