DIY: Turn Cloth Napkins into Curtains

1:46 PM

Our Lovely mother decided to freshen up her house a bit.

(This is our mom... if she knew I posted this picture she would probably die... Isn't she lovely?!)

Here is her house before the "freshen-up". She is such a cool grandma dancing with here granddaughter! Also if you want to make the tutu she is modeling just go to our tutu tutorial "HERE" !!!

To do this she bought some new curtains, rugs, throw pillows and even painted a bit. In addition to the curtains that she bought for the living room she wanted to find color coordinating curtain shams to put up in the kitchen nook. After searching EVERYWHERE without any luck she took matters into her own hands and DIY diva'd some fancy napkins she found at the local Target.

Here was her color inspiration...And here is what she did...

Found her favorite napkin. They come in a pack of 4 for $10 I believe.

Take one cloth napkin and fold it over at the top two inches down. We soon found out that not all napkins are EXACTLY alike so it's important to make such everything is lined up on the bottom. You may have to just say screw it to the two inches folded over on the top to get everything lined up on the bottom. Are we being perfectionists?

Pin it down and then do the same to a second and third napkin. Layer them to create a pleated look. Two go behind and one in the front. The two that are behind the napkin in the front are placed right at the center of the front napkin. Know what I mean?

Sew the folded edges in place, straight across. This creates a little hole for the curtain rod to fit through.

Feed the newly make sham onto the curtain rod like so!!

And here you have it!! Cloth Napkins magically turned to look like cute pleated curtain shams! Good idea mama! We must get our craftiness and good looks from you!

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  1. what a great idea! i've been thinking of using cloth napkins to cover my pillows :)

  2. Erin!! This is Megan.. I had that very same idea! Great minds must think alike! Hey if I end up doing a tutorial about that you should send pics of your pillows and you could be our special guest! :)

  3. Meg, this is steph. I just saw that someone on Ucreate did pillows with napkins!

  4. The napkins are lovely...and so is your mom!

    Many blessings,

    ~ Maria ~

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  6. What an awesome mother and grandmother...every reason to be proud!