DIY: Body Pillow Cover

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DIY: Body Pillow Makeover

I think that that being pregnant with this little girl has made me a ruffle maniac. I have had this body pillow for the past 4 years. I never ever use it, because I find it rather awkward. We have been using it as a pillow on our bed to help prop up all the other pillows from behind. The brown just doesn't go, so I had to change it up.

The pillow is 20in x 54in

When I cut out the fabric for the front I just added 1/2 an inch to each side for a 1/2 inch seam allowance when sewing.

I added a couple more inches to the back piece so that I could make it a giant envelope pillow case and would have room for tucking. (Top piece for the front, bottom piece for the back)

I cut the bottom piece exactly in half for the back envelope opening.I then hemmed one edge of the two back pieces each.

I set those pieces aside and made some ruffles with a long strip of fabric and a basting stitch. Go Here or Here to see what I did EXACTLY to make ruffles and attach them to the other pieces.

Below I show how I piece it all together. Gather the the ruffle strip. Pin this in between the large top (one large piece) and bottom pieces (two halved pieces). Be sure that your top and bottom pieces are still right sides together. All raw edges should meet up. The folded edge of the solid strip should be facing in between the fabric, kinda like a sandwich.

Sew it all together and stuff that ugly body pillow into the new giant body pillow envelope! You're done!

I like the extra bit of fluff it adds to my bed. Just enough.. but not too much :)

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  1. This looks great. I like the look of having it in the back of all the other pillows!

  2. So cute MEgan! I love the ruffle, such a good idea! Can I just tell you how much I love your blog! You inspire me to try and be crafty. I also really love your bedroom furniture and I am wondering if you did it yourself and if so if you could tell me what you used to recreate it. Hope you are doing well, so excited for you and your upcoming addition! :) I didn't know Taj was applying to med school. Ryan is actually in the process right now too. We should talk when you guys start applying. Best of luck with everything! Thanks again for the post!

  3. would you make one and sell it to me? :)