DIY: Healthier Cookies

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You can make homemade healthier cookies that will rock your world!
I have been trying to eat a little healthier and I have learned a secret. Here it is...
Use coconut oil instead of butter, oil, or shortening in EVERYTHING! That's right, butter your toast with it and put it in your favorite cookie recipe.

Coconut oil is extremely good for you! Here are just a few things it does...

Kills viruses and bacteria that cause influenza, AIDS, throat infections, and lots more.
Provides quick energy
Reduces risk of diabetes, or symptom of diabetes if you already have it
Improves digestion
Protects against many cancers including breast and colon
Heart Healthy
Dissolves kidney stones
When applies topically it prevents wrinkles and age spots! I am excited about preventing that!! It also protects against the suns UV rays.

You can read more about coconut oil found here. This stuff is amazing!

There are a couple different types of coconut oil you can buy. Some has the coconut flavor, which would be good to use in most cookie recipes or on toast, and some doesn't have the coconut flavor, which is good for frying chicken or what not.

I wanted to try it out in a regular cookie recipe. When it called for 1 Cup butter, I used 1 Cup coconut oil.

The cookie dough looked a bit shinier than usual

They turned out wonderful!! They taste awesome and feel just a little bit healthier when they hit your stomach. I had to extend the cooking time a couple minutes, maybe it was the coconut oil or maybe the rainy weather outside, but it worked! My husband can't get enough of these cookies!

So I hear that it is a straight across substitution for butter and oil, but with shortening you may get better results if you reduce it a forth. So if the recipe calls for one cup shortening, you would use 3/4 cup coconut oil.

We fried up some chicken and steak in the coconut oil the other night and it turned out fabulous!!! I am so excited about this awesome find I just had to share!

I also use coconut oil in this REALLY HEALTHY shake

Wanna know where I buy my healthy ingredients for way less than any grocery store? My aunt owns a cute little healthy store. Her website is Alpine Food Storage, you can subscribe to her email list and get the best deals around!


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  1. don't you just LOVE that stuff? seriously pure gold!

  2. Hey girls, I love reading your blog! Thanks for all the fun idea. Where do you buy this stuff though? I have heard of it.
    Nancy (Thiriot) Garner
    I am you 2nd cousin

  3. Hey! I put the website of where I get my healthy food at the bottom of the post. Hope that helps!!!

  4. Hey, thanks for the good word. It was So much fun to see you all the other day.

  5. For those who have dogs or cats, a bit of C.O. on their food weekly will help w having a shiny coat and if used when bathing (by putting it in the shampoo that you use) it will help to keep fleas and ticks away as well. For anyone who happens to run into the unfortunate event of having to deal w head lice, if you use it instead of the lice shampoo it kills them and is not harmful to the child or to their hair. Also if you put it in your own shampoo and conditioner, not only will it make your hair even shinier and smoother and softer, but it will keep that lice away.

  6. Those cookies look really good. Thanks for reminding me I have to order EV Coconut Oil as my diaper rash cream for my little girl (due next month). :)It helps when there's a yeast problem during Cloth diapering. :) Lots of good uses and healthy. :) I should try and make some cookies with coconut oil. :)

    Adin B

  7. Which coconut oil do you use that doesn't leave the coconut taste?