DIY: Old Lamp Transformation

12:05 PM

DIY: Old Lamp Transformation:


I got my lamp transformation idea from my cute friend Jessica from Running with Scissors. She really is brilliant and SO incredibly talented. You should seriously check her out.

REMEMBER THE BEFORE? They were a screaming deal on and I just couldn't pass it up. ($5 a piece)
I couldn't even find this great of a deal at my lovely local thrift store which I faithfully visit each week.

When I actually got them, I was saddened by the shape that the lamp shades were in. They were pretty much trashed, so I decided I wouldn't be able to make them fabulous with fabric and would have to resort to buying lamp shades. This was ok, due to the fact that the lamps are AWESOME and I love the design, and they even have THREE light settings! (I will save my lamp shade transformation for another day.. )

Here we go

1. Prime2. Paint (I did two coats)
3. Gloss (To seal it baby), and get a nice glossy finished look.
4. Get some great/cheap lamp shades (I got mine at Ross Dress for Less.. @ only $6 a piece.. such a good deal considering that even at Walmart you would be paying $15-20 just for the lamp shade alone!!)

And there you have it!!


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  1. These are adorable! It actually makes me really want to make one except for the fact that I have no where to put a new lamp.

  2. You are so talented! SERIOUSLY!!! These & everything else you do is totally amazing!

  3. You're so talented! Just found your blog!! and am definitely a follower! Hopefully you can check mine out and maybe follow back! :)