5 Tips for Road Tripping with Kids

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5 Tips for Road Tripping with Kids

It is FREEZING here in Utah right now. All our little family can think of is heading down south to sunnier and warmer weather. As we prepare to get on the road, I thought it might be helpful to share what helps our kiddos stay happy on the long drive from our house to sunny Saint George, Utah. We can't thank AutoSource enough for the amazing ride to get us to our destination. Thanks for sponsoring this post AutoSource! Check them out for all you car buying needs!

Without further ado...

  1. Bring snacks

Bring snacks for yourself as well as your kids. Anybody can get hangry and preventing this is the key to a successful road trip. Pack a variety of healthy options like fruit as well as some chocolate. Remember to pack an ice pack to keep the sweets from melting all over your car and napkins in case there are any spills. I like to freeze up some Gogurts, before hand. They act as perfect little ice packs, and the kids love them too.

  1. Print out a map or have them follow along on your GPS


Avoid the “are we there yet?” question by having your kids follow along on a map. Before you begin, show them your route and plan out any stops you are going to take. Of course, those probably won’t be the only stops you have to take but it will break up the trip and make the journey more interesting for your kids.

You can also get a small car, and attach a magnet to it. Using another magnet to attach the small car to a map, the kids can "drive" the car along the map until you reach your destination.

  1. Pack Games
Games are key to a good road trip. Scavenger hunts are a good go-to. From the ABC game (listing off objects you see that include the letters of the alphabet i.e. Highway has “A” and Cable Street has B and so on) to a photo scavenger hunt, a hunt will hold your kid’s attention. Try out this photo scavenger hunt by Shutterfly on your next road trip.

  1. Pack plenty of pillows and blankets
No matter how long your trip is, comfort is important. Make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible by packing plenty of pillows and blankets.

  1. Share control of the music

To avoid any meltdowns, let everyone bring an album and take turns with music. If your kids know they will get a turn to choose the music, they will be more likely to sit through other family member’s choices. We are lucky enough that right now we all love listening to the Greatest Showman, on REPEAT!

Anybody else LOVE the bluetooth audio features in these newer cars?  It makes listening to your favorite tunes easy peasy.

Hopefully these simple hacks will make road tripping with the littlest of passengers a breeze.  Happy traveling!

Thanks again AutoSource for sponsoring this post!

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