What We Learned After Driving Rebuilt Cars For 4 Months

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buick enclave, bmw sports car, review, branded title vehicles

We are putting rebuilt / branded title cars to the test. For a year, we are driving 8 different cars from AutoSource and will be giving an honest review of the vehicles and our experience working with AutoSource.

You may remember our first set of cars. Steph drove the Honda Odyssey and Meg drove an Acura TLX.

honda van


Both cars drove like a dream! We completely forgot we were driving rebuilt cars. The interior felt brand new, they smelled brand new, they drove like new, and they looked new. We both felt the same about our 2 cars - we were in love.

So are rebuilt cars safe to drive? Hands down we would say they are. Our favorite features were the blindspot detection and backup cameras with alarms if someone of something is behind you. All bells and whistles worked perfectly; from the airbag weight sensors all the way down to the oil change alerts. Not once did we run into any mechanical or electrical problems while driving these cars. They were incredibly reliable and we felt completely safe driving our families around town in these vehicles, in fact we did it multiple times a day.

We even changed the oil in Meg's TLX and inspected things under the hood and under the vehicle itself. Everything about the car was as it should be.

branded title

So now it's time to see if our next set of cars will be just as amazing as our first. We know they will be! You can find more information about AutoSource here. They are such a great group of people to work with, we have been extremely pleased with our experience with them.
buick enclave, bmw sports car, review, branded title vehicles

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