6 of The Funniest Costumes in American History

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I, personally, have never been very into the scary parts of Halloween, or really the scary parts of anything, for that matter. Just to put things into perspective for you, I cover my eyes with a blanket through about 50% of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", and I intentionally avoid the entrance of the grocery store with the man who is dressed up as Santa who rings the bell during the holidays (#wuss, I know...). So, you can only imagine what my life is like from October 1st  - October 31st every year. I hypothetically cover myself with a blanket during the whole month. And although I try, every year I fail to conquer my fear of--anything remotely scary, and some things that aren't scary at all...hahaha. So, I decided to prove to myself, and anyone out there who feels the same, that there are some things about Halloween that just aren't too bad...and some that are even comical. ;)

So, here you have it, the funniest costumes in history, that might even make you want to participate this year, just remember to take a blanket with you everywhere you go the night of October 31st ;)
These costumes are guaranteed to bring you tears of laughter, rather than tears of fear.

1. Puns, you guys. Puns. They will forever be my favorite way to transition a scary evening into a very comical one. I have this little saying: "puns = funs"....jk. I just made that up, I literally have never said that before in my life. But it works, right?! ;)

2.  Let's be real...there are enough of these boxes in my house that everyone in my family and my neighbors family could go as "Amazon Prime". If you wear this to a party, I'm pretty "Optimus-tic" it will be a hit.

3. This costume is truly HILARYous, and will definitely TRUMP all other costumes. But also, it is secretly a little terrifying...am I wrong?! Tutorial 

4. This costume says so much more than words ever could. This is just amazing. Source.

5. King Kong is another one of those movies I can't make it through without the occasional anxiety attack (seriously, I get scared in everything), but this costume is so funny, it almost makes me want to watch the movie again...Source.

6.  The creativity of some people when it comes to dressing up really blows me away sometime. This one in particular, not only blew me away, but I felt like I was flying ;) Source.

Praying my Halloween only gets as scary as this post, an not an ounce more! Wishing you all the same. Happy-very-safe-and-not-terrifying-at-all Halloween, everyone!


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