DIY Poncho Towel With Hood For the Pool or Beach

10:20 AM

This is the best hooded poncho towel for kids at the pool or beach! It stays on, acts as a coverup, has a hood, lays out flat, keeps kids warm, frees up your hands, it's inexpensive to make, easy to sew, and can be made in 15 minutes! Sew on some cute pom poms or tassels for added style. Customize your very own coverup / poncho  towel for a day at the beach. This poncho towel is the perfect size for kids but it also works great for toddlers, teens, and even adults. 

Supplies Needed:
1 bath towel 
(Walmart has lots of color and they are cheap)
1 matching hand towel
1 strand of pom poms - should fit the perimeter of the bath towel 
(Joanns sells them "by the yard")
sewing machine

-Meg & Steph

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