How To: Family Day At The Beach

2:59 PM

do it yourself divas meg and steph
We went to our local "beach" (aka pond) with our families and had the time of our lives! To make an outing like this memorable for you and the kids, you will need a lot of equipment, so lather on your sunscreen and here we go!

Watch as we pull a million beach day toys our of my van magically - Mary Poppins style. Vans are king for outings like this. By the way,  did you know that Meg and I drive rebuilt cars? Much like our DIY refinished furniture, our cars also have new life; it's only fitting! 

cheap inner tubes that are amazing
Here are our "twin" boys (same due date) eating and relaxing in the tube!

Blankets for picnicking are a must! Check out our Rag Quilt Tutorial to make your own.

And don't forget the best sugar cookies on the planet - recipe here

We hope you all have a happy and safe summer! 

Meg & Steph

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