DIY LEGO Batman Birthday Party

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lego batman cupcakes for birthday party

This is my oldest boy.  This LEGO lover turned eight, and we decided to celebrate his big day in a big way.  With the new LEGO Batman movie coming to iTunes on May 19th, and to DVD and BluRay on June 13th, there was no doubt that LEGO Batman would be the theme of this blue eyed boy's birthday.  I kinda made his dreams come true. Now all we need to do is go to Legoland!

His love for LEGO runs deep and is true.  Now, if you have a LEGO lover at home, you too, can create a LEGO Batman party.  I am here to help with a few awesome tutorials and ideas, tested and kid approved.  We want to thank our friends at LEGO for providing the LEGOs for the party and some of the items in the goodie bags!!

The day before his party, I put together some little thank you party bags to give each of the party guests.  Party prepping is totally my jam.  

I printed off the batman symbol that I found from a simple google search, and glued them onto some black gift bags that I found at my local Target. You can also get black bags here.

lego luggage tags, candy, finger lights, lego books

lego batman goodie bags

The bags looked pretty dang cute sitting on the cake table waiting to be taken home by little dudes and dudettes.

black birthday party bags
 When the big day finally came, and the children arrived to the party, (a total of 13 boys... bless my soul) the kiddos were invited to build their own LEGO Brickheads.  These things are stinking adorable! We had Batgirl, The Joker, and Batman himself.

lego brickheadz for lego party activity. building lego activity.

I was amazed at how committed the children were to building their little Brickheadz.  There was certainly a sense of accomplishment as each child completed their masterpiece.  I loved seeing that!  It made this mama's heart happy.

activities to keep kids busy during a lego birthday party.

things to do during a lego birthday party

lego batgirl and the joker

 Here they are proudly showing their creations. Cousins make the very best of friends.

lego batman birthday party

This homemade piñata, inspired by LEGO Batman himself, was quite the highlight of the party. 

I have created a little tutorial just for you.  Yes, YOU can make this!  

Just check out the video below.

lego birthday party DIY piñata

Supplies for DIY Batman Piñata:


DIY lego batman piñata video tutorial

lego batman piñata activity during birthday party

Now, if you are planning a trip to Legoland, we highly recommend checking out Get Away Today. Hands down, they have the cheapest prices so you don't need to go through the hassle of searching the web for the best deal! You can customize your trip by your needs - just tickets or awesome packages so you can sit back and relax.
Amazing Blow Up Water slide from Plan It Rentals

Simple cupcakes, adorned with batman rings,  marked the grand finale of the party.  

yellow cupcakes with batman sign

The cupcakes were topped with lego candles and arranged on a white cake stand.

yellow cupcake for lego batman birthday party

Supplies for Batman Table Display: Almost everything was purchased at the Dollar Store or Target, but if you are feeling like an Amazon Prime mom, here are links to the items you need.

dollar store birthday party ideas.

Yellow Crepe Streamers - Dollar Store
Black Plastic Table Clothes - Dollar Store
Yellow Poster Board - Dollar Store
Black Poster Board - Dollar Store
Yellow Tissue Paper Pom Pom Garland - Dollar Store
Black cups - Dollar Store
Party Blowers - Target
Blackened yellow city board - Target
Yellow straws - Target
Yellow plates - Dollar Store
Black napkins - Dollar Store
Block Candles - Target

To make the bat sign, pull up an image online and freehand the bat on black poster board. Cut it out and paste it onto yellow poster board. Round the edged of the yellow board (I like to use a small plate and trace a curve on each corner, then cut) and you have the bat sign!

lego batman birthday party.

It was quite the party.  Happy Birthday sweet boy of mine.  So glad and grateful you were the one who made me a mommy.

Awesome LEGO Batman Sets to give as gifts...

lego batman piñata and goodie bags for the kids. dollar store party decorations

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