Which Kitchen Cabinet Paint is the Best? What We Learned One Year After Painting Our Cabinets

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Clorox Company. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's been a year since we painted our kitchen cabinets white. Do I regret it? Not one single bit! In fact, I'd do it again if I ever needed to. 

So how well is the waterborne cabinet paint holding up after a year of four kids and two adults rummaging around in them all day long?

It's fantastic! There are absolutely NO signs of chipping, peeling, cracking, or anything of the sort. My 4 beautiful kids have not been gentle on our cabinets. They are typical kids, and when it comes to our cabinets, they slam them shut, bang toys against them, kick them as they eat cereal in the morning, and occasionally they will throw something at them. We used Waterborne paint, which was suggested to us by our local paint store Jones Paint & Glass. So if you are wondering about this particular paint, I would suggest calling an actual paint store, not a general store like Home Depot or Lowes to get more information.  We bought all of our supplies from them and they freely gave us a lot of tips and tricks for our project. 

Because our cabinets are white, we tend to notice more grime left behind by the kids. I typically use soapy water to quickly wipe them down, but about once a month I use disinfecting wipes to rid ourselves of bacteria. Even with all the scrubbing that goes on around here, the cabinets stay in perfect condition. 

I have used Clorox wipes for YEARS for absolutely all areas of our home - bathrooms, kitchen, blinds, and all hard surfaces including bed frames. Anything my kids touch gets disinfected every once in a while. Clorox just came out with their Scentiva wipes, which smell like Tuscan Lavender and Jasmine & Hawaiian Sunshine. These smell incredible! They are also available in spray bottles, but I always go for the wipes because of their convenience.

You can purchase these new scented Clorox wipes at Target and there is a Cartwheel deal going on. As I've learned to say from our new favorite movie Moana, "You're Welcome!".
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