Free 30 min. Treadmill Workout and a Taste of Evolution Fresh Green Juice

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Evolution Fresh® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Happy National Green Juice Day!! I have discovered an incredibly healthy green juice that you can quickly grab on the go! First, I want to talk more about my favorite exercise routine, because I believe fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. 
I have wanted to share another passion of mine for a while now, and I figure that January is kinda the perfect time to talk about my love for fitness and health.  In my opinion, there is nothing quite as wonderful as running.  I have ran a few half marathons and am currently training for my fourth marathon.  
Living in Utah, I find it super hard to get out and run in the bitter cold.  Thank heavens for my handy treadmill that I picked up from the amazing little local store Utah Run.  Now I can get my miles in no problem.

My Treadmill Workout Routine: One of my favorite things to incorporate on my treadmill is interval training.  Because I love you guys, I have written up one of my favorite treadmill workouts for FREE!  You can get it HERE and it will go straight to your inbox.

Interval training really helps me beat the boredom that can come when running on the treadmill.

After my runs, I find it crucial to refuel my body.  This helps with recovery, rehydration, and gives me the energy I need to keep on going.

This little cold-pressed green drink from Evolution Fresh is kinda amazing. If you don't have access to Postdates, you can pick it up at your local grocery store, or you can pick it up from the Starbucks drive through. They do what they can to make your day easier!  One sip of this stuff, and I know I am treating my body right.

Evolution Fresh, cold-pressed drinks are on a mission to inspire people to thrive.  They have a colorful theme and want to help people everywhere take the next step in their health and wellness. Their journey is to help people, "Take a Sip in a Brighter Direction." Learn more  about this amazing drink on their website!

I am a firm believer in treating your body right.  With running, or any type of exercise, and feeding your body the nutrients that it needs, you are on your way to happiness and wellness.

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Are you ready to celebrate National Green Juice Day?  If you live in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, DC, Miami, Phoenix, Orange County, or San Diego free Evolution Fresh green juice delivery via Postmates will be available! Sign Me Up!

Postmates will offers free delivery of free green juice to customers on January 26, 2017 starting at 1:00 pm local time and ending when supplies are depleted.

Customers will have the ability to order three (3) free juices per delivery, with a maximum of one (1) order per customer.

For those who are not in the 10 select markets above, no worries, you can still celebrate National Green Juice Day by heading to you local Starbucks or grocery store to purchase an Evolution Fresh green juice.  
Here's to Health and "Taking a Sip in a Brighter Direction"!
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