DIY Faux Fur Tree Skirt Plus Woodland Christmas Tree Decor

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Hello ladies! Tree skirts are expensive, so why not make your own and save that money for better things, like gifts?  Today, I'll show you exactly how to make this beautiful, fluffy, faux fur Christmas tree skirt. This is a "no-sew" project, hallelujah! I think I can hear the Heavenly Angels singing! 

 My Christmas tree has a woodland theme, so the faux fur was a must. This sweet little bird is my favorite ornament (found at Target).

I was floored when I found this reindeer wrapping paper - also from Target. How perfect for my woodland tree.

 The blue, cream, and white pom pom garland from Minted added the perfect, subtle pop of color with a cozy vibe.

Now for the Christmas Tree Skirt DIY:

You can watch the tutorial Here or keep on scrolling for a step by step, pic tutorial~

Decide how big you want the tree skirt to be. This faux fur from Joanns was 64" wide, so I bought a yard and a half  because I wanted a 50" diameter skirt. 

Fold the fur in half, right sides together (fur on the inside). Grab a pencil and tie some string around it. Measure out half the length of the total desired tree skirt circumference. My desired tree skirt length is 50", so I measured my string pencil to be 25" (this is the radius).

 From the middle on the fold, hold the string in place and draw a half circle, or a rainbow if you will.

Cut out the half circle. This is two layers thick, so be strong! My favorite fabric scissors are these. I've used them for years!

Go back to the middle of the fold. Use a mug or a small dish as a pattern, and draw a half circle on the fold.

Cut out the half circle. This part will wrap directly around the trunk of the Christmas tree.

Create an opening for the skirt. Lift up the top layer, and cut all the way to the end. Be careful not to cut through both layers!

If you need more clarification about making tree skirts, check out our old post - DIY Burlap and Lace Christmas Tree Skirt.

Once you cut the fabric, it releases a bunch of fur. Vacuum the edges that you cut with a small vacuum. No need to hem the edges or anything, wahoo!! Just be prepared to clean up a bit ;)

There you have it! Simple, easy, and affordable. No sewing required!

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