5 Tips to Braving the Christmas Crowds with a Toddler

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Anyone else out there have to brave the crowds, and pick up a few more gifts to put under the Christmas tree?  While the big kids are at school this little love of mine is my shopping buddy.  This is my third time around having a baby in tote while I run errands, and I have learned a thing or five about how to survive the crowds with a little one.

If you want to know my secrets, keep on reading!

1.  Be sure baby has a full tummy before you take off.  A full tummy = a happy baby.  I usually try to leave the house right after breakfast, when my little man has just eaten.  

2.  Bring snacks and a drink for baby.   I LOVE these munchkin snack catchers.  
You can put your baby's favorite snack inside, and they can enjoy their snack without making a gigantic mess.  Hallelujah!

3.  Dress baby in layers.   I find that always having a little jacket for baby is a huge help.  Sometimes, even in the warmer months, stores are still cold inside.  It is handy to always have layers for baby, and let's be honest, for yourself too. 

       4.  Bring distractions/toys for baby.  This little guy is always happy if he has a car in both hands.  I find that if I am sure to bring a few toys to distract this dude, shopping trips are smooth sailing. 

5.  Finally, never, EVER, go during nap time.  Maybe this is a given, but I have learned the hard way that this a crucial tip for a successful shopping trip.

Happy shopping and Merry Merry Christmas!  Good Luck out there!

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