DIY Distressed Jeans

10:57 AM

Yup, designer jeans these days are often distressed. But you don't have to pay designer prices to get the designer look. Just grab a pair of jeans and lets get started with the tutorial DIY Distressed Jeans.

You can distress your jeans however you like. Big rips, little tares, large or small amounts of fray. I like to distress the jeans in areas of natural wear and tear such as the knees, back pockets, front pockets, and the hem.

You may also be interested in our tutorial "Hem Jeans Fast and Easy".

Now onto the video tutorial...

Tool you need for this project:
Fabric Scissors - these are our all time favorite fabric scissors
Cheese Grater - also works great on cheese :)


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  1. I'm sorry....but a ripped up pair of jeans is NOT worth hundreds of dollars...I don't care whose name is on them. I've had to wear my jeans until they look like this on their own....