Make This Beautiful DIY Pottery Barn Storage Bed - King and Queen Size

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I swear, honestly! We built this bed from scratch and it's still as sturdy and solid as it was 5 years ago when we built it. Others have made this bed from our instructions, (which has made us beyond happy) and you can too if you are handy.

We have had a lot of questions about how to make this in a QUEEN size. Today we are telling you how to do it! 

{Lovely Pillows from StudioPillows}

So what's it going to cost? This bed will cost you approximately $500 in materials, which is much less than the actual Pottery Barn Bed you can buy - which our bed was designed after. And I might add that this bed has made it so we don't have to have a dresser - saving us lots more money! Those drawers a just so incredibly useful.

Below are the links to the blog posts with step by step instructions on how to build this DIY Pottery Barn Bed. The actual instructions are broken down into 4 sections. These instructions are for a king size bed frame, but you can adjust it to a queen size bed frame by reading the paragraph below.

Sneak Peek

1. Plans and Center Storage
2. Drawers
3. Footboard and Feet
4. Headboard and assemebly

*If you want to make a QUEEN size bed frame, it needs to be 16" narrower, and the length of the bed frame stays the same. Some ideas - you could eliminate the center console or reduce the depth of the drawers 8". You would also have to reduce the headboard and footboard 16" in width. Good luck to all who build this! We are so happy to have been able to provide these instructions for you, and we would love to see your finished product. Tag us on Instagram and we just might feature you!

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  1. What a great project! The Studio Pillows pillows add the perfect touch and contrast. Thanks for sharing the link for her Etsy store.