The Right Choice is the Bright Choice: LED Light

11:16 PM

This is a post/story about Ace Hardware and how their LED bulbs brought light into my life. 

OK, let's talk about my darling first house that my husband and I bought two years ago.  When I first walked through the doors I knew it was mine.  I love so much about it.  I love the open floor plan, and the big backyard that is fully fenced.  I love my mudroom off the garage.  Most of all I LOVE my neighbors and the community that surrounds my little home.

 There really was only one thing that bothered me about this nearly perfect first home of mine, and that was the lack of lighting throughout.

See, my kitchen?  So dark.  

My husband I were seriously talking about having a professional come in and add recessed lighting throughout the house, so that we could actually see and not feel like we were in the dark ages.  Haha.  But seriously...  this was a real dilemma that was sure to cost us a pretty penny.  But, there will be no need to spend that pretty penny on new recessed lighting thanks to Ace.  Ace really is the Place! 

When this box of new energy efficient LED lights found their way to my front porch, I just about cried tears of happiness.  I could see the light...  LITERALLY!

Today marked the last day that I may ever need to get this latter out to replace a light bulb in my house, because these amazing new LED lights last  up to 20 years!  That's no typo.  Although they cost more than incandescent bulbs do up front, they save you so much money in the end. You can burn through about 25 regular bulbs in the time it would take to burn through just 1 LED bulb. 

You want to talk more about saving money?  Did you know that these new LED lights can save you some serious cash on your energy bill?   In fact, they use 80% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs.  

Talk about seeing the light and a little more dough in your pocket.  Sign me up.

Although it took a little effort to change out the bulbs in my home, it was well worth it.

Just look at the difference.  

I no longer live in the dark ages.  My house is beautifully lit with these LED lights.  I can't even get over how gorgeous the light is in my home now.  It is bright, clean and clear.  Each room feels like it has had a major makeover with just this simple switch.  I am in heaven.

Thank you Ace Hardware for making my house feel like a home.  It is a dream come true.

To help you get started on your transition to LED light, Ace has a buy 2 get 1 free sale going on now through November 1st 2015.  Don't hesitate!  This is truly an incredible deal for an amazing transformation.


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