DIY Wicker Chairs Makeover

1:45 PM

Yes, you can refinish wicker!

We snagged this set of wicker chairs for $30. These were the first pieces of furniture we refinish that had a cat pee smell, and we only bought them because we knew we would be able to totally strip the chairs of all fabric and padding and add new fabric and padding - thus getting rid of the cat pee smell for good! They turned out ADORABLE - I just love them!

Looking at the chair before, we decided to change a couple things. First, we didn't redo the tufted buttons to keep it simple. Second, we totally ditched the top cushion, thus saving time and money while keeping the project as simple as possible. 
All pieces of furniture are different, so my advice when refinishing pieces with upholstery is to just start pulling the fabric off. When you do this, it becomes clear how the piece was put together in the first place and you can just recover it the way it was originally. You can see the hidden staples and the glue and the seems. If you don't trust your memory, just take pictures as you go so you remember how the piece goes back together.

Once the piece was stripped, we lightly sanded it, including the wicker. Be gentle with it.

Prime and paint.

We bought foam padding at Joan's and cut it into the shape we needed. We covered the foam with new fabric.

I made my own pipping to go around the edges. Believe it or not, we simply hot glued the pipping around the piece because we weren't able to staple it in place.

And there you have it! Do you have any wicker projects you have refinished? Share it with us!


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