The Kelvin 23 Review

10:20 PM

Now that is what I am talking about!
This little Kelvin 23 is revolutionary.  It is the swiss ary knifes of tools! Twenty three tools, all in one cute pink contraption.

So put that toolbox away.  Pack it up.  Go to and buy your own.  We love the pink, but there is a black one as well!  

My favorite tools are the little measuring tape and the hidden flash light so far.  The variety of screw driver heads in insane!  It really is that handiest little tool.   Too convienent for words.  

It has worked perfectly for me as I prepare to add a door with hinges to my daughter's future dollhouse.  (Found this dollhouse online for $10!!!!!!  Santa has his work cut our for him, but I am sure that the Kelvin 23 will come to the rescue!)

Progress pics to come!

-The Divas

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