DIY Tombstones with the Queen of Halloween - Susie Butler

8:24 PM

Susie Butler, who I now call the Queen of Halloween, designs and makes incredible tombstones for Halloween. She doesn't just stop at tombstones, she goes all out! Susie has the spookiest house I have ever stepped foot in, and she made almost everything you see. She is a true DIY Diva! If you want more information about Susie's incredible DIY skills, you can contact her through her facebook page. Now, let's start with her front yard.

Can you even believe she made these??? Incredible I tell you!

Now onto her front entry...

Her dining table...

Other rooms, and this is only scratching the surface. There's so much more that I'm not showing you!

Susie has some serious talent you guys. If you like her stuff, go like her facebook page and show her your support! Thank you Susie for being a guest on our blog!!

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