Oil Candle Giveaway

3:26 PM

We are so thrilled to have such a cool product right at our fingertips! These romantic oil candles from Firefly are quite amazing. You can make them any color to suit your mood, they have an attractive glass jar, they are smoke free, and eco-friendly. Click here to enter the giveaway! In case you were wondering how to use this beauty, read below. 

Here's what comes in the box - the lighter is mine.

Use a small funnel to fill the jar with fuel. Drop in a bit of dye.

Insert the wick. 

Place the glass ball in the glass jar. It's so pretty!!!  Please note that you can insert the glass ball as shown or you can flip the outer glass jar over so the flame is within it.

Light it, and your done!

Go here to enter the giveaway! Good luck to everyone!!!

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