DIY: Deck Restore - Make An Old Deck Look New Again

9:48 PM

Our deck was looking incredibly dull.

The paint was chipping away.

We even had to replace a few broken boards.

So, off to Home Depot we went and picked up 4X Deck Restore. We also bought a honeycomb foam roller for a textured look, but decided not to use it. We prepped the deck by pressure washing it, sanding it with 80 grit (just roughly and quickly), and pressure washing it again.

Once it dried, we swept away any leaves and began painting. We hand painted the rails, front of the steps, and in between each board (down in the crack) with a brush. For the rest of the deck, we rolled the paint out with a regular roller for a smooth texture. We painted in the evening to escape the heat and let it dry over night. We did two coats of paint.

Here are the results of our labor! The peonies just happened to bloom right when we finished. Beautiful!

And now the whole family can enjoy the new (old) deck! It's BBQ time! By the way, we were grilling salmon here, and OMG you have got to try this recipe from All!! It's freaking amazing! I don't usually eat salmon, but I'll scarf this one down any day.


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