DIY How to Make Dirty Stinky Laundry Smell Amazing Naturally

3:01 PM

Have you ever felt like your workout clothes were just not smelling clean after being washed with plain old detergent? Do you feel like fabric softener might not be the best thing for your washing machine, and that it might just be covering up the stink?  Do you want a NATURAL solution without breaking the bank?  Thanks to a fellow yogi, I discovered a fabulous tip to keep stinky gym clothes smelling incredible naturally!  I thank her a million times over for this perfectly fabulous tip, that makes my horribly stinky laundry smell amazing.  Of coarse this trick will work on any sort of smelly thing you put in your washing machine, ex...

sweaty gym clothes
musky towels
dirty dishrags
your husbands work clothes  (you all know what I am talking about)
kiddo and adult unmentionables
that load of laundry you left in the washer a little too long...  (GUILTY)

Anyway, you get the point.

All you need are two naturally wonderful things.

Good old White Vinegar

This stuff is the bomb(dot)com.  One great thing, on top of its cleaning power, is its ability to act as a fabric softener.

(Malauca is the Doterra Equivalent)  

Tea Tree Oil is very cleansing, as is Vinegar.  Together they are unstoppable.  I just fill up by fabric softener tray with vinegar and about 5 drops of Tee Tree Oil for a cycle, and let this little duo do it's thing.

Not only will all those stinky bacteria filled clothes be clean and smell fab, your washing machine will thank you too.  

You could always use lavender, which is another great cleansing essential oil, or any other oil that you love.


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