DIY Nutrient Filled Ice (Clean Eating)

10:00 AM

I have never been one to love water.  This is a problem seeing as how water is kind of essential to survive, not to mention I am a runner and lover of yoga.  After a good workout I would always reach for some kind of salty and sweet drink.. you know the ones filled with sugar and colored with who knows what.  I believe there is a time a place for such a drink, like marathon running and such, but maybe not after every single workout.
I have discovered a way to finally love water that I want to share with you.  It is a much cleaner way to get nutrients and electrolytes in your water.  Added bonus, it is pretty.   I am in LOVE with the amazing flavors and colors nature gives us with beautiful raw fruit. 
How to make Nutrient Filled Ice
1.  Chop your favorite fruit into small pieces.  I chose to use lemon, strawberries, lime, and raspberries.

I know know....  I just had to get like every angel!  Do you blame me?!

 It's just SO Pretty!  

2.  Place fruit in small dixie cups or even an ice cube tray.  

My favorite combinations are:

lemon and strawberry
lime and raspberry
lemon and lime

You can always add fresh herbs like mint (this is so yummy with the lemon and strawberry combination)

The combinations are endless.

3.  Once the cups are about half way full of fruit, cover with water.  Remember not to fill the cups completely full because of the expanding nature of ice. ;)

4.  Place in the freezer

5.  Once frozen, tear the paper cup off of the fruit filled ice.

6.  Plop into your preferred drinking container of choice and cover with water.

7.  Enjoy!


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  1. Wonderful. Will certainly do this. Thanks

  2. I am a huge fan of infused water, it's totally the only way I could possibly drink enough water. This is a brilliant idea! I love that I can prepare a whole bunch and just grab the ice when I want! Sure beats having to have fresh ingredients on hand. (Which I almost never do!)