DIY: How to Reupholster a Shift Boot and Hand Brake

7:06 PM

Anyone else need to redo their shift boot and e-brake cover? We really did. My husband's commuter is an old '96 Passat TDI (averaging 45 mpg) . With the age comes worn out parts, like the shift boot and hand brake cover. We decided instead of spending $80 to buy new covers, we would spend $6 and make it ourselves. Here is a closeup of the old shift boot and e-break.

First, you need to take the old fabric off. I'm sure it's different for every car, but for this car, we pulled up from the bottom where the fabric meets the plastic. These covers should pop right out. Most shift knobs simply screw on, so that's any easy one to take apart. Unpick everything and lay it flat on the back of the new fabric. We bought vinyl since it's leather like and inexpensive.

Keep all your hardware. Just remember how it all fits back together or take pictures as you go to refer back to.

Trace the pieces onto the back of the new fabric, exactly!

Sew the pieces together just the way the original pieces fit together. Keep the seam allowance the same as the original pieces.

Assemble the hardware back the way it was.

Staple the hand brake plastic base to the fabric as it was originally.

Here are the new pieces for our car.

Put everything back into the car and enjoy the newness of your old car. Looking good.


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