Steph's Mommy Must-Haves

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This morning, as I was quickly spraying my hair with dry shampoo, I decided then and there I would put together a list of Mommy Must-Haves. This list contains items I just can't live without and that help me keep being the mom I want to be. Any of these items would make a great gift for a new mom. I'm not affiliated with any company or product for this post; all opinions are mine.

1. Dry Shampoo. This is my #1 Mommy Must-Have! Dry Shampoo has so many benefits. It saves you so much time and leaves your hair feeling fresh-not greasy, and allows you to go days without washing (which is actually good for your hair), saving your hours of "getting ready" time. LOVE it!! I'm using Dove right now because it works so well and I'm not breaking the bank to have it since it's only about $4.

2. Blush. This must-have can make a tired mommy look refreshed and alive. Sometimes we moms feel like we are dead to the world, but just adding a little blush can perk you right up (or at least give you the appearance of being alive). I'm currently using the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush because it's creamy and vibrant! This particular color is my FAVORITE!!

3. Stain Remover.  This mommy must-have will save the "little" clothes from all the eating eating eating the kids go through. And let's face it, the big clothes need it too since we mommies hold and clean our babies. This is currently my favorite stain remover.

4. Gap Card. Speaking of clothes, get a Gap card! I like to dress my kids pretty well, and this card is the card that keeps on giving. Card holders get special discounts which makes clothing super cheap and there is always something for you and the man in your life.

5. Hand Sanitizer. I keep a bottle in my car at all times. Call me a germaphobe (I'm ok with that), but I use this after grocery shopping, when my daughter gets in the car after school, and when I have to do an emergency diaper change in the middle of nowhere.

6. Wipes. These are a must in my car more specifically. They come in handy so often, I don't know how any mom could go without them. Just put them in your car and thank me later.  I like Huggies and Target brand wipes.

7. Lavender Oil. Sometimes we moms need help shutting our brains down. I turn to Lavender oil to help me relax and sleep. I rub it on my chest or put a few drops in my bath at night. Lavender also soothes ear aches - no kidding. Just rub around the ear for relief.


8. Blender. I have used my Blendtec for years, and I LOVE it! But any blender will do as long as it gets the job done. You can make morning shakes and pack in all sorts of nutrition. You can also make your own baby food and freeze it for later, or make a yummy, healthy soup and puree it so the kids don't know what's in it.


9. Freezer Bags. Here is another BIG time saver. Usually when I cook, I double the meal so I can freeze half of it and have a quick meal on hand for another night. These not only save time, but money since we aren't running out to eat as much.

10. Amazon Prime. Sometimes I feel like my cart is more full of kids than food. Since I got Amazon Prime, my life has changed for the better. Diapers, wipes, laundry detergent, toiletries, anything bulky and big, and all christmas and birthday presents come right to my front door. No more loading up the kids in the car to get those items. It shortens my time at the grocery store and makes my cart manageable. I also use the Instant Movies they offer, which are almost as good as Netflix (in some ways better because you get Jillian Michaels workouts).  We don't use Netflix anymore because I'm a Prime fan!

11. Hot Pad. After having a baby, this is just so relaxing. And then, when your period starts up again it can be a bear! Hot pads are just a little comforting in those times of need.

12. Nail Polish. This stuff can make you feel so put together (it's weird how that works). You can keep it in your car so while you are waiting to pick up kids, just put some on. Who says there's no time for such things?
**Bonus** 13. Dr. Pepper or your drink of choice... It just keeps you going on the though days. I like mine fresh with pebbled ice.

Hope this list helps you beautiful moms out there! My list could go on, but I'll have to save them for another day.


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  1. Use the Laveder oil (100% pure only) for scrapes, cuts and burns. don't touch the dropper and let it drip onto the wound. No pain and quick healer. been using it for 25 years on myself, 8 kids and 6 grandkids.

  2. PS that is a great brand of Lavender oil. its my cabinet right now.