DIY Rocking Horse

3:44 PM

My engineer has done it again! This time he used a pattern to make this fine looking, solid wood beauty. Christmas 2013 was definitely one to remember mainly because of this horse. My kids were in Heaven! On Amazon you can get this rocking horse pattern for only $14.00! Just click the image below...

This is not an easy project and it requires several hours to complete. My engineer used Ash wood, 19' by 10" wide boards. The hardwood store (where we purchased the wood) planed the boards down to 3/4" thick. Here's a little of what went on...

He used a piece of Brazillian Cherry for the hair accent pieces. Using a band saw, he split the 5/8" thick board in half leaving about 1/4" thick boards for the accent pieces.
He used spray polyurethane to seal the wood. This was his first time using the spray poly and he LOVED it!

So, once you are done, you will have a piece of your heart to pass down through each generation in your family (because the reality is, it will most likely outlive you-wink).

 To make the ears and straps, we used scraps of leftover leather from the messenger bag I made a few years ago.

Tools used:

Cordless Drill (with drum sander attachment)
Bar and C clamps
Angle Grinder (with sanding disc attachment)
Plug Cutter Bit Set
Wood Chisel
Sand Paper

And there you have it! Good luck to everyone who does this project! It really is worth it!


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  1. I loved it, it's so clean and pretty. Makes me want to be a kid again.

  2. This horse looks great. We've tried to find this pattern on Amazon, but haven't found any one quite like it. Can you post the link to the one you used?