DIY White Painted Table, No Paint Brush Needed

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A few months ago I was gifted this beautiful French Provincial Style table.  (Free.99)  It is SOLID wood and absolutely beautiful.  It is probably one of the best gifts I have ever been given.  I can't thank you enough Patti!

Although I love the stained wood, I really have always wanted a white table.  I just thought it would be the perfect addition to my new kitchen, and that it would lighten up my main living area.

I decided to go with the ever popular paint color by Benjamin Moore, Simply White.

I have always painstakingly hand painted my furniture with a paint brush.  I even painted my kitchen cabinets by hand ( I WILL NEVER EVER DO THAT EVER AGAIN!)  It is just sooo much work.

I want to share a secret with you! 

You can ditch the paint brush!

It can be sooo much easier!

You can finish a project like this in literally half the time!!

You can avoid ugly paint stokes and and a nearly flawless finish!

All you need are a few special tools.

After Cleaning, and Sanding, I Primed and finally Painted.  Click HERE for my previous kitchen table makeover  instructions in detail.

The only thing I changed in this process was ditching the paintbrush and used a pancake compressor and Paint Sprayer to prime and paint my table.  BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE IN MY LIFE... almost!

Here is what I used.  I thought I would make it easy for you to simply click and purchase if you see a furniture makeover in your future.  Did I mention using these tools was the BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE?!?  You can thank me later! ;)

Here is my table primed...  I used the Paint Sprayer for this of coarse!  So fast and so easy!

Here is my table Painted.  I did three coats of paint for good measure.

And here is the finished Product!  I could cry I love it so much!

I found the fabric for the chairs at IKEA.  It was leftover fabric from a project I had done a while back.  I may decide to change it in the future, but I think it is good for now.

I just love these ladder back chairs.

Hope this post is helpful in showing that painting furniture can be nearly painless with the help of a few special tools.


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  1. That looks amazing Meg! Did you do some kind of topcoat over the paint?

    1. Thanks Leslee!! Yes. I just used water based semi gloss clear coat. Hope you are doing well!! LOVE seeing your family on instagram!

  2. Yes! I did sand it down. I especially sanded the table top where there would be a lot of traffic. I wanted to make sure the paint really stuck!