DIY: How to Print on the Back of Vinyl

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Growing up, after dinner we would all help clean the kitchen -for a few minutes- and then basically run and hide to get out of working (sad but true). When my mom finally finished cleaning, she would go over to the kitchen light, smack it off (sometimes hitting the disposal on accident which scared us all to death) and yell "Kitchen's Closed!" Now that I'm a mom I feel the same urge to keep people out of the kitchen after I clean it. If only I could conjure the same dramatics my mom did...too bad my light switch is the kind you have to flip up and down and the disposal switch is on the other side of my kitchen (my kids will never feel the "fear", ha!), so I guess this sign will have to suffice. By the way, this is "slang" I guess so who knows the correct punctuation?

Flip to the back

Here is a quick tip for any DIYer out there on how to cut vinyl without a machine: Try printing your image flipped horizontally onto the back of the vinyl.

I bought my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl (the best place to buy it). The vinyl sheets I purchased were larger than printer paper, so I had to trim it to fit into my printer. The grids on the back helped me cut precisely and quickly.

Place the vinyl in your printer so that the vinyl is facing up towards the ceiling. That way the ink will print onto the back of the sheet. I use pages for everything that has to do with writing; it's a powerful program (high five Apple!). Once you have chosen your font, click print and then select "flip horizontally." Print, and then let it dry completely before you cut it out.

You can use and X-acto knife or scissors to cut out vinyl lettering.
Then just stick your letters onto whatever you want. I made my own chalk paint and then painted a piece of .5" compressed wood. My engineer rounded the edges of it and drilled a couple holes in the top so I could string some ribbon through and hang it on my wall.

Realistically, this is probably how it should stay...
And there you have it! For another "how to" on cutting out vinyl without a machine, click HERE.


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