How To Find Cost Effective Flooring

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Thanks to our fabulous guest blogger Lindsey, you will now know how to find cost effective flooring!  Isn't it beautiful?  Enjoy!

To put it simply, some of us have a champagne tastes on a beer budget. Your excellent tastes sometimes run in opposition of your uncooperative budget in our search for new flooring options. Making an argument to your husband that the hardwood flooring you want may well prove a cost effective option is probably going to be a difficult sell.  A search for cost effective flooring need not exclude the wood floors you have been dreaming about, however.

There’s Cost, and then There’s Value…

While hardwood floors certainly represent a serious initial financial commitment, the decision is universally regarded as a savvy, long-term move for homeowners.  Unlike many home improvement projects, hardwood floors are far more durable than other flooring systems, and add significant value to the potential selling price of your home on subsequent appraisals.

A coat of paint will spruce up the exterior of your home and new windows will boost a buyer’s interest for a short period of time, but to truly impress on the real estate market, an installed hardwood floor that has been properly maintained, will hold as much as half of its value while providing a spur to quick closings.

According to research conducted by the National Wood Flooring Association, who polled actively working real estate agents, 58% of those professionals agreed that homes outfitted with hardwood floors commanded higher prices at sale, and three-quarters of them further noted that houses with wood floors move very quickly through the escrow process.

You Get What you Pay For…

When it comes to choosing the perfect floor system for your home, there is no shortage of options and each has their benefits and shortcomings.   Carpets are certainly nice on cold winter nights, but the lingering smell of your dog is definitely a downer when the temperature heats up and there is not enough carpet deodorizer to remedy the situation.  Similarly, the linoleum you installed on the bathroom floors was pretty cheap, but now it’s in a race with the wallpaper in the kid’s room for which one can curl at the corners at a faster clip.   

Hardwood floors have a longer life-cycle than other flooring systems, and with proper care are easier to clean and maintain.  As such, the hardwood floors you install today can be expected to last for the lifetime of the home itself.

How often have you priced the services of a professional carpet cleaner only to give up in disgust before going to the supermarket to get one of those cheaper rental machines?  That’s frustration you won’t need to deal with once you have install wood floors in your home.  Indeed, as long as you don’t allow pools of water or clumps of dirt to accumulate on the floor surface, cleanup is relatively easy and requires little more than a damp mop to accomplish your task.

Get the floor you want and the floor that will add value to your home.  You almost never see a “deal-breaker” list that warns “must have neon-orange shag-carpet.”  Wood flooring is the classical look that adds value and beauty to your home.

Millions of people around the world choose hardwood floors to update their rooms and add value to their homes. Few additions can add more practical beauty than the perfect flooring and no look is more classic than a simple wood floor. If you have been considering adding style, class and durability to your home’s floors, hardwood floors are an elegant, affordable way to make a big difference. Visit Hardwood Bargain’s website for more information.

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