DIY: Chore Chart

11:05 AM

I am a list person.  There is something so fulfilling about checking something off my list of to-dos.  I don't necessarily want my children to be just like me in the area of getting things done, but I do want them to have a sense of ownership and responsibility when it comes to the daily tasks I expect them to participate in.  Instead of having my son simply check something off a list, I thought it would be fun to make him this simple chore chart.

It was so easy to make.

I simply found some wood from Hobby Lobby.  They had it already cut and ready to go.  All I had to do was stain it.  You could stain or paint it any color.

After I stained the wood, I drew some little chore pictures and modge podged them to the little stained wooden squares.  (I am no artist..  I know this!)  My husband helped drill small holes at the top of each chore square.  

I used wood glue to put a sun and a star on the large piece of wood.  I wanted to separate morning and night chores.  Plus it looks really cute!

Then I simply screwed in little cup holder hooks evenly so I could hang the chore squares/cards.

Finally,  hang the chore cards.  My little boy helps me choose his chores each night before he goes to bed.  I made enough chore cards so that his chores will change each day.  Once he has completed a chore he simply flips the chore card over so that the back of the square is showing.  Once all the squares are facing backwards he knows he is done with his chores.

He kind of loves it.  Like Mother like child?!

He only wanted to do "silly" faces...

So "silly" faces it is...


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  1. i love this!

    such a lister person, too . . . aaah!!!