DIY: Batman Cape

7:56 PM

To complete my little man's halloween costume this year, I made a cape.  This is not any Batman cape, but a Batman cape that actually looks like bat wings.  I was inspired by the latest Batman movie when creating this cape.

I used a yard of black costume satin, and a yard of black felt for the inside of the cape.

Here you can see how I created the bat-like curved wings.  A plate or a bowl works great for tracing.

I then sewed on the batman emblem to the shiny side of the black satin.  Once that was in place I used a tight zigzag stitch to sew the satin to the felt backing.

I sewed little arm holders on the inside that my little boy's hands slide right through to hold the cape in place on his arms.  This really helps make the cape look like bat wings.  A little Velcro around the neck holds the cape up.

He loves this cape, and asks if he can wear it all the time.  Jumping off of rocks, the bed and the couch has never been so much fun for this kiddo.

Do you want me to do a tutorial on the Batman emblem? I sure can do that, if there are enough interested!

Happy Halloween!


Interested in the Superhero Muscle Shirt?  Check out my tutorial HERE..

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  1. Love this costume!!! Can you give me tutorial on the batman emblem?
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Thanks!! I really should to a tutorial on emblem making! How about in the next couple weeks? Thanks again! Check back soon!

  3. i also would like the emblem ASAP if possible!

  4. I need the tutorial for the emblem as well! ASAP if possible
    BUT i'm SOOOO glad you have the muscle tutorial, I was going to make it wayyy diffferent and it wouldnt have worked.
    The only things i'm 'changing' is that i am using an old shirt of his instead of buying a second, but thats more for time LOL

  5. May I get the tutorial on the emblem? I did all other steps before the emblem. Thats all I need for my sons halloween costume.

  6. Tutorial for the emblem please

  7. I'm going to try to make this for my son for halloween an for his birthday. Can u send me t tutorial for t emblem. Sorry to ask what about t mask