DIY Adorable Halloween Sign

9:24 AM

I made this cute Halloween sign for my front entry today. 

Just get a board and spray paint it white. I happened to already have a white board, which is actually a shelf that was inside an old bookcase. 

I used the parseltongue free font to write Happy Halloween. Found it on Pinterest of course. 

Then I used Martha Stewarts Halloween Sillouettes to get the moon and the cat. I took a screenshot of the images and then adjusted them to the size I wanted in pages.

Then cut out your letters and silhouettes using an exacto knife. A cricket machine would have been nice to have! My fingers hurt :( 

Arrange the letters and images however you desire and tape them in place. I used black puffy paint and a small foam brush to paint inside of my stencils. 

And there you have it; a unique Halloween sign to call your own!


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