DIY: Easy Icing for Injury or Bug Bites

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DIY:  Ice that Injury or Stop the Bug Bite Itch 

I have been training for the infamous Ragnar.  It is two weeks away and quickly, very quickly approaching.  Sadly, about 5 weeks ago, I became injured, and have been recovering from I.T. band problems. I even had to go to physical therapy to correct my running form and begin to strengthen the muscles that had been injured.  First, I want to give a little shout out to my physical therapist at....

They are FABULOUS, and come highly recommended by yours truly!

Secondly, thank heavens for a few at home/DIY remedies that I think do wonders and seriously help aid in the healing process.  Here is what I have found that works for me.

1.  The Foam roller!  It works like magic!

See how happy this girl is atop her foam roller!?  The proof is in the fuzzy picture!

2.  ICE!  Here is a simple and VERY effective way that I have found to ice.  Personally I think it works better than just placing a bag of ice on your injury and sitting there.  Here is what to do.
Get yourself some paper cups.  I used the little 5oz bathroom cups.

Fill them up with water.  I fill up about five at a time so that I have enough for a few days.

Freeze them overnight.  The water needs to be completely frozen before you have use them.

Post-Run rip the top of the cup off to expose some ice.

Rub the ice in a circular motion on the area that is sore or injured...  I do this for about 15 min.  Use a towel to wipe up the dripping water that results from your ice rub.  

Yes those are my white pasty legs ;)  Be jealous!

This ice rub in a cup works GREAT for bug bites too!  Freezing bug bites stops the itch.  Now you are ready for anything, just in time for the summer season!

Now onto more training and the Ragnar in the next couple weeks.  Wish me luck!


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  1. Also, look into KT works wonders...

  2. That's genius! I always seem to injury myself. A couple of years ago I pulled my right hamstring very badly, it look over 6 months to fully recover.
    Dreams In A Poppy Field...

  3. Hey Steph, which Ragner Relay did you run? I did the first cross Florida several years ago! It was not easy (lousy course), but we made it from Clearwater to Daytona! Eat, sleep, run, repeat!

  4. @gobarb26- it was actually me, Megan, who ran Ragnar last year. I ran wasach back. It was so hard but so fun! My husband and I are doing it again this year! Can't wait!!!