DIY: Making a Thank You Card Out of Kid Art

2:17 PM

My son's birthday came and went.  I still am in total shock that he is three!  He was given many lovely gifts from his grandparents and his aunts and uncles.  I feel it is very important to teach my children to be thankful for what they have, so I decided to make a fun game out of making thank you cards for the gifts that he received.

Here is what we did to make these simple, one-of-a-kind Thank You cards.

1.  My son created some awesome watercolor paintings using his favorite colors.

2.  Then we cut down his paintings and backed them with his favorite color of card stock paper.

3.  We then wrote a little note on the back thanking each individual for the gift they gave.  I had my little dude tell me what to write.  Then I let him practice signing his name.  (He had a little help of coarse)  This made each little note personalized, and the things he said were priceless.

4.  Finally I glued on the word "thanks" to the front of each card.  He wanted them to say "thanks" so that is exactly what I put.

5.  Finally we prepared the envelopes and sent them on there way.  He loved putting the stamps in place and sticking them in the mailbox.  This was such a great little activity, and I was so glad that he enjoyed it so much!


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  1. The cards turned out lovely. I think it's so important that children are appreciative of the gifts they receive. We also give 'thanks' cards and letters. I also recycle most of their paintings into birthday cards and wrapping paper for gifts that we give. They love sharing their work and it's cheaper too!

  2. @ Melissa - I love your ideas!! Brilliant! Thanks for the comment!


  3. These are too cute! With the right colors you could do this for holiday cards too!!! Thank you for sharing

  4. These are amazing. Personalized greeting cards are truly awesome. Great work!

  5. These are lovely! I try to do this with my kids too to ensure they really appreciate their guests and gifts.