DIY: Weekly Running Routine (Happy New Year)

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Here is what I see everyday when I roll out of bed... motivation huh?!

Running is a huge passion of mine. I have run numerous 5ks, 10ks and have even completed a couple of half marathons. Although I love it, I have to admit that I am completely and totally CRAZY!! While pregnant, with my baby girl, I signed up to run Ragnar in June of 2012. If you don’t know what Ragnar is, google it... INSANELY AWESOME!

It has been 6 months since having my baby. I have run a few 5ks, and have been going to spin class at my local gym, but seriously I need to get my act together. Thank the heavens for New Years Resolutions and for a Husband who graduated with a degree in exercise science, and who likes writing up exercise plans for his wife.

In the spirit of goal making I thought I would share with you my fitness goals... feel free to follow along and let me know how it works for you.

I think I will post my workout for the week each Monday, starting now.

Sunday: Rest Day

Monday: 1-3 miles easy pace (I am going for all 3)


Morning: Spin Class (any other cardio for at least 30 min)


10 vertical jumps

Jump Rope 2 Sets for 1 min

4x1000 meter runs

Jog 1 lap (go easy)

Wednesday: Rest Day ( I might sneak in a 30 min run)


Morning: Spin Class


10 Vertical Jumps

6 x 40 yd. Sprints

2 x 400 m Sprints

Jog 1 lap (Go Easy)

Friday: 30 min tempo run (push it)

Saturday: Jump Rope 2 sets 1:30 min

Run 4 miles (race pace)

5 days a week pushups, situps and pullups should be done I will do this M-F.

Weight Training should be MThF or MFSa

Refer to the chart below for Weight Training directions!

Monday Thursday Friday

Holy Cow I think my hubby wants to kill me... haha

Good luck to me and to you! Happy New Year!!

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  1. i'm getting into running too. i started last summer, didn't run last winter, and started up again in the spring, then i got a treadmill so i can do it all year long =) i do around 4 miles a day. we're trying for baby #3 and i hope to keep running all through being pregnant so i don't gain 60 pounds like i did with my last 2.....(i was lucky to be pregnant through all the major holidays and used the pregnancy card a little too much) i am always looking for ways to change up my routine so this will be great to try out!! thanks!!

  2. What kind of treadmill do you use? Do you like it? I've heard they aren't that great for longer distance runners...? or is that a myth?

  3. I run on a horizon gs950t. We bought it from my inlaws for an amazing deal. It does well for what I need. I have pounded out some good mileage and it has served it's purpose on the freezing cold days in Utah. Running outside is still my favorite but this treadmill is still awesome!! If I had the money I would recommend buying a higher end treadmill like my dream tredmill, the Nordic track elite 7500. They are pricey but awesome for distance runners that plan on high mileage daily use.